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The Lescar – Sheffield

There are some days where we’re not interested in fancy cocktails. Some days we just don’t care whether a place has kooky, referential retro artefacts precisely strewn around. sometimes you just want to go to a pub and buy a pint.

The Lescar is hidden away from most students in the lightly trodden area of Hunter’s Bar, behind the occasionally visited Ecclesall road on the downright unfamiliar Sharrow Vale road.

There are two rooms in the place, the main is sizeable and split in half by the bar, the second is to the rear. Sat atop a dark wood floor and ornamented with brass trim, the former is clean, warm and respectable without pretension. The latter is far smaller and plays host to various live events.

The Lescar is a good place to avoid students (the young, yappy fresher types at least) but has no firm clientele. Old blokes with bushy beards and broad accents. A posh middle aged chap draped in a linen jacket with the smell of the countryside hanging about him. Women from the estate agent’s a few doors down. Thick framed spectacles perched above the excessive facial hair and documentary-making aspirations of mid twenty-somethings. It’s among the rarest of gems, a pub where you can be anyone, dressed in anything and not be out of place. This creates a wonderful vibrancy which is palpable, even during the rare occasions where there are few people in.

The place prides itself on its beer and rightly so. The number of pumps sits around the twenty mark and holds a broad, frequently rotated selection of ales, continental beer, lagers and a couple of ciders. This draught selection is supplemented by ample bottles (including Delirium Tremens, a personal favourite). The average price is pretty excellent too, undercutting most quality booze dispensaries at the mid £2 mark. A fat pat on the back from 12While2 there.

Finally, the food menu is small, well thought out and largely made on-site. Prices aren’t for those on a budget with main meals setting you back roughly £10. The food follows the pub canon with fish and chips, burgers and sausage dishes but all we’ve sampled are of a quality high enough to justify the price. Not a processed, reheated franchise meal in sight. Another torrent of brownie points.

The Lescar isn’t a beautifully original creation, nor is it something so outstanding as to make my personal shortlist for the-world’s-most-rockin’-pub-ever. However it is a place that I and we here at 12While2 respect deeply. It’s a no frills place that does everything well. It’s reliably clean and respectable. It’s beer is varied, quality and reasonably priced and it’s food is of a high standard. For these three reasons it already bats clean out of the ballpark when measured against the majority of British pubs. My favourite quality of all though is the atmosphere. It’s accepting, it’s vibrant, it can be joyously rowdy at times, it’s an enjoyable human experience. It’s staggering how hard it is to find that. As such we take our hats off to you, the rarest of places, the Lescar.


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